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Everything is just something – until you give it a VALUE

Everything is just something

In one household…

She took all the jewellery away from her daughter because she felt that her daughter did not show any interest in the beautiful collection of gems which were given to her over several years. She was upset that her daughter simply did not connect with the precious, expensive stones. She seemed to find far greater joy in designing colourful beaded bracelets. Twenty years later, she became an art and crafts teacher, a profession which brought great happiness to her.  Her mother is still perplexed about the lack of enthusiasm towards the beautiful gems.

In a big city…

She looked at the handbag in the store which was valued at $750.00. She wondered who would pay that kind of money for a handbag.  A bag is just a bag.  A $20 one is just as good as the $750.00 bag. She consciously chose to move on to the next store. Going to expensive handbag stores suddenly became a no-no for her. It was one less stop when shopping.

In another country..

He visited a small island and fell in love with it.  More than anything else in the world, he wanted to live in this space where he felt rich and free at the same time.  He went back to America, sold everything he had and made a home on the island. The tides that lapped at his feet in the early morning was priceless. He became an island man, married an island girl, had three island children and used his experience to help others understand the importance of choosing a lifestyle which speaks to you from the heart and soul.

Across the world…

The pain from her childhood casted a dark shadow over her life. She lived in fear, paralysed that she would die like her sister did. The nightmares rolled over and over in her mind until she decided to claim her life and use her sister’s death to educate others about drunkard driving. The pain lessened as she gave value to the experience. After many years, she realized that she found purpose in life, through the pain that she suffered.

In the basement…

He lived with the regret of spending much of his hard earned money drinking and partying in his younger days.   He felt that he should have been wiser and saved more money.  One day, he threw the regret out of the window and re-framed the party going days as some of the best days of his life. He got pictures of his friends and wrote a letter to all of them to reconnect and laugh about the past. The rekindling of friendship has made him a happier person. He has given new value to his past.

Everything is just something, until we give it a personal value.  Pain can be transformed. Regret can be healed. Love can be restored. Purpose can be found. Sometimes we have great treasures but we are not aware of their high value.  We can easily lock ourselves in a prison – simply because we cannot re-frame our experiences.   Sometimes, we spend days and nights and years on things which has no value to us simply because we are going along with the crowd.

Be mindful of the moments that create your future… what are you adding value to?  What is adding value to you?

Live your future now… re-define your experience so that it adds value to your life and the lives of others.



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“I love your height, your smile, your style.” He says… hummm, what does he want???


I was shopping at a department store last Saturday, minding my business when suddenly a man stepped in line with me.

“I love your height, your smile, your style.” He said it very light but there was also a seductive tone.  He is tall, cute and has a playful energy around him.

“Oh… thank you.” I said, thinking that the conversation is over.

But he kepts on walking with me.

“Just look at you… You are wonderful.  You make colours look nice on you. … You are warm… you have such a good energy about you.”  He is actually quite dramatic using his hands to showcase me as this beauty he has just found.  His eyes light up and the expression on his face is all light and priceless.

“Thank you,” I said, blushing a bit because it is not a usual thing for a person to be so open like that. It seemed that we are shopping together as he walked right next to me with his hand on my cart!

“I am an architect” he said. “I love beautiful buildings and love art. You are a work of art.”

I blushed some more.  Gosh, I think to myself. How do I get rid of this man now!

“Thank you.”  I said.  “Now, what can I do for you?” I said with a smile on my face, now mischievously pushing the boundaries.

Being a writer too and since starting this blogging journey, I am always curious to know more about what makes people tick. This is not a typical conversation in Canada with a Canadian man.  In my experience, Canadians are very conservative, very careful in how they approach people. I am a female, coloured person. He is a white male. We are perhaps in the same age group.  If I were in the Caribbean and approached like this (the language would be a bit more colourful), I would completely understand.  The way our men approach our women, most of the time, is pretty upfront and direct, filled with what I call “sweet-talk”.

“Nothing” he said. “I just needed to express all of this to you because I may never get a chance to do it again. Sometimes you have to say what you feel.”

“You are quite direct.” I said.

“Why bullshit around?” he replied. “What should I do?  Wait for three months to tell you? A year? Six years?  Who knows, I may never get the chance again!”

“Thank you.”  I said.  “I truly appreciate your sentiments.”

“Would love to have coffee with you sometime.” He said.

“If you are looking for a relationship, I am not available.” I said. “It would be useless leading you on.”

“I appreciate you telling me this.” He replied.

“You very bold. You do say what you have to say.”  I said. “It is not a usual thing.”

We spent a few minutes speaking about his life, his career, his family and his general sense of what he felt about life.  He sounds like a very sound minded man – looking at the conversation above, it sounds a bit out of context – that he is kind of hitting on me (and he may be too!). His experiences have taught him to listen to his intuition and feel what is around him. His losses of dear ones in his life have taught him to embrace the moment and live right in the moment.  It is always such a pleasure for me to have a deeper conversation with people… I continue to be amazed at people’s life experiences and what causes them to respond the life the way they do.

“Why did you pick me today?” I asked him. “There are so many people in this store… did you go to anyone else to say those things?”

He laughed.  “Women!” he said.  “No, I said this to you because I truly felt it from my heart. “I watched you walk into the store and your energy hit me… the way you walk, your height, your smile, your style… Just look around you.  Do you see anyone else looking like you here?”

“Everyone is different.” I said.  We all have different energies.”

“Exactly the point.” He said. “You vibrate at an energy that I can relate it. That is why I could not help but come to you directly.”

We both laughed because at an energy level, we understood each other. He must be reading the same books I read and practice all the intuitive, meditative things that I practice. We were actually even using similar expressions.  We were probably souls from a previous lifetime. Who knows?  We bid each other farewell but we both left a smile on each other’s faces.

In a previous blog, I asked the question, “How much time do you need to know someone?”

This situation is another perfect example of what happens when two people’s energy aligns at a soul level.  Trying to explain how you feel, why you feel the way you feel and having to support it with all kinds of physical, logical explanation seems more and more strange to me as I experience more and more of those encounters that are so light and refreshing.  It is again, another example of how my own internal world is reflecting my outer world… this is happening just when I am seriously asking those questions.

Thinking more at a lower energy  level, one might question it and say that this is all just a man trying to get to a woman.  Now, I can differentiate between hitting on a person and feeling that energy alignment(sometimes both happen!) because with me, it does not happen just with men.  The people I meet – men, women, children…. I connect more at that soul level.   Last Sunday, I had a similar experience in church with a baby about 2 years old.  In an hour, without any words, this little child and I expressed so much light, love and affection for each other (a total stranger) that it was simply amazing!  Even the parents could not believe the dynamics that happened between us. I felt completely mesmerized by this baby and can still feel the power of that eye connection we shared.

I believe that more and more, we will all be tuning in to what we feel and we will all be experiencing greater safety in being able to express what we feel more openly.  Because our energy will become aligned more to light and love, people will be less inclined to take advantage of each other and use each other for the wrong reasons.  We will be able to meet people who our soul simply recognise and feel that we just love them without needed to give them an explanation.  This is when love, is just love at its highest and purest form.  Those who are not in alignment with our own soul energy will simply not be attracted to us.

TuneIn today to what you truly feel with your heart. StepUp to express it.  You don’t need to expect an outcome or a result.  Just simply say what you feel… the rest will fall into place. Each time we express from our hearts, life becomes lighter!



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The Power Of Writing Your Soul Mission… You Can Live An Inspired Life!!!


I once thought that having a job called a “teacher” would be what I would be for the rest of my life. I love teaching and I was called to this profession from a very young age.  Over the years, due to changes in my life such as  geographical relocation and my search for meaning, I no longer practice being a teacher  as defined by the profession. Moving to Canada made it even more complicated because I was not prepared to go through the licensure process to become licensed to teach here.  This left a hole in my heart and there are moments when I feel sad that I don’t have a classroom and students to teach passionately.

About a year ago, I started a process of inner self-reflection to figure out what my soul mission was so that I could die in peace knowing that I fulfilled it.  I spent hours and hours reading and researching  and wrote and re-wrote several mission statements until I found the one which resonated with my soul. As I studied some of the people I admire, I realize they don’t simply have a job… they live an inspired life which brings out their creativity and causes them to experience life in a magical way. Then boom!!! Something magical happened to me  when I finally wrote something that spoke to my soul –  I had an Aha moment!   Even though I no longer called myself a teacher, I still practice the art of teaching in my current career and in my personal life. In fact, this blog is a product of living my soul mission!

Here is my soul mission:

“My soul mission in this lifetime is to learn and share knowledge which will inspire and motivate others to expand their souls and be inspired to live their own life mission. I live my soul mission by: a) facilitating, training and coaching ; b) writing and c) sharing resources and tools with and from others”

The power of having this soul mission is that I can live it anywhere and anytime and it helps me make daily decisions about how I choose to spend my life. I actually lived my soul mission through my teaching career!  I am not restricted to a classroom – my classroom is this huge earth school.  I live my soul mission when I talk to a total stranger or when I have a conversation with the lady next door or the old man who happily educates me about the plants in his garden or challenging the thoughts of my teenagers or facilitating a conference with hundreds of people. Living from that authentic space makes my soul come alive and interestingly enough I experience hundreds of “WOW” moments all day long that fuels me and leaves a broad smile on my face.  I feel joyful and that joy is instantaneously communicated to others.

Try writing a personal mission statement if you have not yet done so. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

  • As a child or even at any point in your life, what were some of the things you did or thought about that made you feel excited? ( For me, reading, teaching, writing, creating art)
  • What are the unique strengths you have that comes naturally to you? (For me, communicating with others)
  • Look around you… what are some of the things you collect without even thinking much about them? (For me, its books, paper, pens,  art supplies, journals, movies, autobiographies)
  • What do you like to do that feels effortless? (For me, talking, writing, talking to God, walking, enjoying nature, entertaining)
  • What do you like to do that makes you lose track of time? ( For me,  writing)
  • If you died right now, what would you regret not doing? (Not writing this blog and not creating more learning/sharing opportunities)

Now, don’t confuse your soul mission with your job!  Your job may be the vehicle to live your soul mission but it may not be the full package.  After writing  your soul mission, ask yourself “How do I live my soul mission through this job?”  You will be surprised to see that you will look at your job in a different way. This may cause you to start thinking of a different career path or to integrate some interesting elements in your current job or seek opportunities for you to do more of what truly speaks to you. For me, I discovered that while my career changed over the years, I have been fortunate to live my soul mission (even when it was not written) and that my current job is an amazing vehicle to live my soul mission in a very powerful way. The daily grinds no longer faze me as they used to as the mission is now BIGGER and MORE POWERFUL than the trivial ups and downs.

TuneIn to hear what life is saying to you and StepUp to do something about it!  Happy writing!!!! Check out my daily inspirations page to see what my last weekend’s inspiration was:)



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Is this one of the ways that little boys learn how to be loving men?


Mommy!!!! I have some flowers for you!!!” I heard the little voice shouting, full of excitement. He was about 2-3 years old on his dad and held a nice bouquet in his hand. They seem to have just come from the flower shop. His mom was a few meters away but his little body seem to want to jump out of his father’s arms to get the flowers quicker to his mom.

When he reached his mom, he hugged her (still in his dad’s arm) and gave her the flowers. This little boy was all love and when you see him with his two adoring parents, you just can’t help but smile. He beamed with a feeling of safety and security.

Then, I heard him say to his mom. “Mommy, you look happy!” His voice was genuine and full of contentment that the flowers had made his mom happy. For this young age, he was really paying attention to his mom’s feelings.

By then I had walked past them but I could not help but go back to ask permission to get a picture for my blog – and they agreed.

Then the question popped into my head… how do our boys learn how to become loving men? There are so many ways for us to role-model loving behaviours to them. In this one moment, what my eyes saw was a dad who obviously adored his wife and son and his entire body language demonstrated it. I saw a woman who adored her husband and son. That security between the parents is a definite factor in grooming his little mind in positive, loving ways.

TuneIn to small loving actions we can show in the eyes of children. StepUp to offer opportunities for them to demonstrate love to those who are precious in their lives – not only with flowers and gifts but also with the gift of presence.


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Do you deliver 70% or 100%?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Don’t expect others to do things exactly as you would do it yourself. If you can deliver at least 70%, it is o.k.” These were the words of my mentor advising me on how to deal with a project several years ago.

Why was 70% o.k for him? It was not good enough for me. At that time, I had high expectations of myself and others plus the need to control the results of the project which added additional stress on my mind and the team. I couldn’t understand why others could not put as much effort in getting things done as I was.

Wisdom kicked in over the years. I have lost several committed friends to illness and death who wished they had a more balanced approach and had spent more time enjoying the journey of life. I still aim high but I know that most importantly when managing projects and my life in general, each person involved can make or break the targeted results. For excellent execution, 80% of problems are solved by simply having the right people in the first place who also understand the true value of a team and how to balance each other. While we all want our visions to materialize perfectly, we need to consider other factors that life throws at us and continuously work at risk management. My mentor’s suggestion for delivering at least 70% of my results allows me to cater to the days that someone is ill; a few moments to enjoy and celebrate something special; a few moments to breathe a little better; a few moments to connect at a deeper level with someone; a few moments in between to simply let life lead me down paths I would not think about before. 70% allows me a few moments do nothing sometimes.

My 70% helps me to manage my expectations around other human beings in my path and acknowledge that they too are their own soul journeys with their dreams and challenges. Managing these expectations significantly reduces my stress level which increases my ability to manage everything around me better. Surprisingly, my 70% is becoming a restful and enjoyable 90% of living life generously, gracefully and with a sense of well-being. I actually prefer to live life with this balance than the stressful drive to getting things done perfectly well. Sometimes, we get to 100% with the least effort simply because a space has been created to be at ease with each other and to feel happy. When expectations are managed, we feel happier and life opens up more and more opportunities for us to live in this ideal space of well-being.

What is your % in meeting your life/soul deliverables? If going for a full 100% works for you, don’t limit yourself. We all have different approaches to work/life balance. TuneIn to how you balance your life and StepUp to create a space of well-being around you and those around you.


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“I Am Off To Travel Across The World” – Her Dream Came True!


“I am off to travel across the world with my husband and two sons,” she told me excitedly. She explained how the last few weeks had been hectic as they tried to rent their home, arrange plane tickets and accommodation and all the logistics required for the trip across several continents.

Her story intrigued me. “What inspired this great plan?” I asked. I had just met this woman a few hours before and we connected instantly. We were having lunch together and this came up because she was explaining why she could not take part in one of our work initiatives.

“We have planned for the last two years,” she said. “It has taken a bit of savings – I worked an extra evening job – but it is happening.” She told me that they had been learning Spanish as well and learning about some of the various cultures that they would be experiencing.

Her story was a true Valentine story of love at first sight. She met her husband at a bar several years ago and he asked her what her dream wish was. She told him that she wanted to travel across the entire world. He told her right there and then that he would make it happen if she married him. She laughed at him at first because she had just met him and thought he was joking. They got married three months later and travelling has been a huge part of how they chose to live their lives.

This story affirms that we have the capacity and intuition to make important life decisions quickly if we are TunedIn to who we are and what we want. There are several myths about life that dictate responses to our situations and we must be aware of those myths that hold us back. For example, “Do not talk to strangers” – Well everyone starts off being a stranger. I met some of the greatest people in my life right off the streets as strangers. We attract similar energies to our own regardless of where we are. Another myth is “It takes time to get to know someone” -I think we already know all to know about someone within seconds of meeting them. Time only confirms more specific things about this first gut feeling which most of us ignore because we have no evidence to prove why we would be drawn or not drawn to someone.

What is your dream wish? Can you say it out loud?

How do you choose to live your life?

Is the life you are living now the one of choice or the one you think you have to live because there is no other way?

If a stranger came off the street and could make that dream wish come true for you, would you grab the opportunity and look at it as a miracle? Or would you start doubting and think that the stranger has ulterior motives – that this is too good to be true? Look back at your life and see how you have embraced the “illogical” things that have happened to you and see if you also missed a great opportunity because you did not have the courage to act quickly.

Our heartfelt dreams inspire the way we chose to live our lives. This woman had a dream to travel the world, she met a partner with the same interest; they chose to live a lifestyle of travelling and then started propelling their dream forward by acting on it.

Maybe more of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to dream and to OWN our dreams. When the dream ignites our soul, life presents the opportunities to make them come true. We too, must have the courage to TuneIn to those opportunities, StepUp to take our own risks… and live our dreams.

Revisit your dreams and dream wish – some dreams die simply because we don’t OWN them and are not willing to take a risk.


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Do you know the difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul?

To know that even too much sunshine can burn and there is a difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul.
Thank you Jorge Luis Borgeshat

You Learn

After a while you learn the subtle difference
Between holding a hand and chaining a soul,

And you learn that love doesn’t mean leaning
And company doesn’t mean security.

And you begin to learn that kisses aren’t contracts
And presents aren’t promises,

And you begin to accept your defeats

With your head up and your eyes open
With the grace of a woman, not the grief of a child,

And you learn to build all your roads on today
Because tomorrow’s ground is too uncertain for plans
And futures have a way of falling down in mid-flight.

After a while you learn…
That even sunshine burns if you get too much.

So you plant your garden and decorate your own soul,
Instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.

And you learn that you really can endure…

That you really are strong…
And you really do have worth…
And you learn and learn…
With every good-bye you learn.

Jorge Luis Borges