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Stepping into my own abundance with gratitude…

Life blesses us more and more when we are grateful for what we have.


I have dozens of gratitude  journals which I have kept during my most difficult times.  Every night, I would write 5 things I am grateful for.  This habit created a shift in my consciousness and I started looking at the world with grateful eyes.  The gratitude in my heart grew rapidly and over time my energy vibration also changed to attract more abundance to me.

What  are you grateful for today?

Start a gratitude journal.

Give away whatever that is lacking in your life.  Your life will become more vibrant, more radiant and more joyful!

Live Your Future NOW.  Practice Gratitude NOW.

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Would I need more money or less money to afford my inspired lifestyle?

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” ~ Confucius



As I immerse myself more and more into the simple pleasures of life, I am almost dumbfounded about why and how we ended up complicating our lives with so much stuff, so much work, so much busyness, so much debt, so much clutter, so many wants and needs that don’t necessarily add more joy to our lives.

I love nature abundantly. It is where I find complete soulful rest. Recently, my partner and I went on a little adventure to a small village called Wakefield in Quebec.  As we walked along the waterfront, where the old steam train run many years ago, we saw those “summer-house boats” beautifully hinged along the coastline.  My heart missed a beat because it responded to this great desire I have within me to live close to the water in the simplest house possible.  I don’t think it can get simpler than this!

IMAG1875 - Copy

Looking at the simplicity of the house on the water, make me think:

How much stuff do we really need?

Could I live with just a few kilograms of stuff?  Some clothes, some basic pans and pots?  Basic furniture?

How great it would be to have less space to clean and a grand ocean to look at and more time to read and write?

What a relief it would be not to have a mortgage to pay!

How wonderful it would be to change my site each day and simply drift along the shoreline?

What would I need to afford this lifestyle?

It is said that the best things in life are free.  Well, I don’t think that is true anymore.  The lands and oceans were all given to us by our creator.  I wonder whether it was ever meant for us to OWN it.  We have developed such complex and expensive systems to simply own a piece of land – waterfront is so expensive! We are caught up in a lifestyle of wanting more – funny enough, the list never ends.  We bleed our souls to death because we have no time to attend to its yearnings because we are so busy with staying afloat with our everyday lives.

This day spent in Wakefield breathed  life back in my soul.  It cost nothing to walk along the waterfront or to spend those long hours trailing along the water in the utmost gratitude for the sun that kissed my skin, the fresh air, the beautiful rustic fall colors, the sound of the waterfall and the wind that occasionally blew through my hair. At the end of it, I felt rejuvenated.

IMAG1895 IMAG1847 - Copy

IMAG1855 - Copy IMAG1860

IMAG1892 IMAG1893

What can you do to simplify your life?

Would you need less money or more money?

TuneIn today to what your spirit is longing for.  Don’t let it bleed to death.  StepUp and  give yourself permission to nurture that beautiful spirit in you because it is what you need to restore your balance.













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Do you have a mindset which will make you gasp when beauty touches your soul?


I make it a daily practice to look for miracles, opportunities and the simple pleasures of life that sometimes show up unexpectedly!  I have a mindset to find joy in the ordinary and make moments extraordinary by seeing them through the eyes of my soul.  Little blessings add great pleasure to my day and I often find my heart bubbling with joyful music as my senses become more and more immersed in its natural home of gratitude.  How blessed I feel at the end of every day to be part of this amazing universe, the beautiful souls  who I meet in my daily journeys  and the thousands of angels that dance all around us, urging us to let go of our anxieties and love our planet unconditionally.

Our lives are busy and chaotic with much to get done at the end of every day.  The price of not meeting our obligations can be high and this leads to a high level of stress. However, we can claim a lifestyle of less anxiety by consciously shifting our MINDS and EYES to see the beauty around us, through our souls. Have you ever found yourself gasping because something is so beautiful, so inspiring, so dynamic, so alive, so fun, so exhilarating, so “WOW!”

The quickest way to expand our souls is to find beauty that speaks to our soul frequently.

Here are a few things which have brought delight to the eyes of my soul.

Look at this flower below… isn’t it just perfect!  I couldn’t take my eyes off it.  Every single petal looks perfectly placed. Nature is so divine! How more beautiful life could be if we can all embrace that divine perfection in all things around us!


On my way to the office yesterday, I  found GRAPES!!!! They were growing over the house of the owner of a sandwich deli and I was completely blown away that right in the middle of Ottawa, I found grapes! To stumble upon such treasures lifts my spirit a hundredfold… I skipped all the way back to work!


On a hot summer day, a cold, cold, cold beer is so delightful!  I completely enjoyed this Mills Street Organic beer in the Ottawa Market. Don’t rush home after work… take a few minutes to enjoy sitting on a patio somewhere and just soak in the sun and enjoy the buzz of people around you!


A good pizza is still a classic for a fun party!  This one was delicious with the beer 🙂


Look at this rack of bikes… what a great idea to make bikes available us to ride around the city! Just hopping on one in the middle of the day can re-energize you completely!


Cluster of flowers

A field of black eye Suzans right across from my workplace!

Doesn’t this tree hold hundreds of stories?  It sits along the St. Lawrence River, Upper Canada Village and if it could talk, I can only imagine the stories that it would share of love and war.


And the fun part at the end of a day was just hugging the little bear at Sugar Mountain!


Tune in today to small things that bring pleasure to your MIND and/or your EYES! Step up to indulge in something that makes your heart beat a little bit faster today and that which will expand your soul.


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How To Destroy Opportunities That Can Give Us A Career Break, A Better Relationship….


It is easy to destroy opportunities that could give us a great career break, a promotion or a better chance at having a great relationship with a co-worker, friend, neighbour, child or partner. Even though much of world has gone digital, the human connection is still at the heart beat of making or breaking us. I take a deep interest in observing human interaction around me and very often I see situations that I think could have been dealt with differently, if only we are a bit more aware. Sometimes we think that how we behave at home is different from work but I think it is hard to separate the core of who we are. A happy person will carry that feeling of happiness everywhere they are. An angry person will carry the energy of anger whereever they are, even if they are dressed in the best garments.

From a soul perspective, I know that our souls are longing for expansion, advancement and to be filled with light. It longs to feel good about what we do on a day to day basis.

This list is not inexhaustible but here are a few things that can make or break the deal:

a) Not paying attention to who has influence and power to make or break you.

A few years ago, in the middle of a work crisis, a wise older woman wrapped her arms around me and said, “Magdalene, pay attention to every single person in the company. Acknowledge the smallest worker, for he or she has influence which is bigger than you may realize”. How true that was! Shortly afterwards, the person who opened the door to a specific opportunity for me was the cleaner who got to know more about me and was connected to the head of another organization who was looking for a person with my skill set. I was very surprised at the turn of events in this specific case. Sometimes we think that only our boss has the power to promote us – WRONG! Think of all the people who can talk to your boss or partner or child about you! I have seen cases where so much negative information was fed to the decision maker that it ruined any possibility of promotion for the worker, even when he had all the skills and could do the job. I have also seen people get promoted simply because others spoke about them in such a positive way. The more people who you have good relationships with – the better!

b) Lack of self-awareness:

Sometimes we have no idea of how our actions, body language, words and general energy comes across. I once interviewed a woman who looked so tired that even though she had an impressive resume and I believed that she could do the job, her low energy level simply drained me. Another time, someone else was so bubbly and excited that she too drained me because it was hard to keep up with her extremely high energy. I was once interviewed and did not get the job because I came across as being too confident! Since then I have learnt how to be a bit more humble and to also match my environment so that I fit in and not to stand out in the “wrong” way. Now, from a cross cultural perspective, this is very sentitive as behaviours from one country may be completely misunderstood by another country. It is important to educate yourself about other cultures, ask lots of questions if you are not sure of how you come across and be observant about how business is conducted around you.

c) Insecurities:

People who are insecure in themselves feel that others are constantly against them or attacking them. This results in a constant inner battle which makes them guard against others to the destruction of establishing productive and positive relationships. If you are constantly complaining about everyone or feeling attacked by others, it is likely that you need to do something different to change that around. Exhibiting “smart-ass” behaviours, making rude remarks or making statements that put another person down sets a RED alarm, makes others feel inadequate and immediately begins an upspoken “battle”. I recently watched one person rolled her eyes and exchanged a dirty look with someone else, while their colleague was speaking and even though it was not targeted at me, I immediately developed a dislike for the person’s behaviour. I could not help but wonder if I worked with these people, whether I would be treated in a similar way.

d) Lack of gratitude for the simplest to the grandest things:

By nature, human being like to be appreciated and the more we can say “thank you” to others, the more we attract positive energy our way. By simply not acknowledging the good in others, we diminish the light around our own soul. Find ways to show your gratitude to others. Send a card, call to express your sentiment, send an e-mail, treat a person to lunch or coffee, buy a small gift… I try to express gratitude to at least one person each day and it always creates an uplifting energy!

Imagine if each one of us took individual responsibility to touch everything we do with gratitude, generosity, good intentions, love and sincerity. The best part of it all, is that the moment we become aware of the behaviours that can cause destruction in our lives, we have the power to change it around. Our soul loves nothing more but to expand and grow in a positive light.

TuneIn to what is causing destruction in your life and StepUp to make the change required to attract amazing opportunities.