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What is built from within, will stand the test of time.

The RIO games demonstrate such excellence, passion and commitment at various levels – of the athletes, of families, communities and countries. I admire that resilience, focus and determination of our athletes, both in winning and also not being placed at the top. There is no loser.  I have tremendous admiration for each person who took up the challenge to compete.  Every single act of commitment to our passions is a blessing to the world in one form or another.

Their performances remind me that each of them built their skills and competences over a long period of time.  We can apply the same principles in our daily lives and work at molding excellence within us so that whatever we do, whatever we say, wherever we are… we can safely say that, “This is the best version of me and my efforts in creating excellence within me.” 

What is built from within, will stand the test of time.



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Meet Margeret Lucy Kyogire, a featured speaker at the launch of Soulful Encounters

IMG_1985Margaret Lucy Kyogire

It is an honour and pleasure to have Margaret Kyogire, Deputy Head of Mission at Uganda High Commission, Ottawa, since May 201, join us on video at the Launch of Soulful Encounters, this evening, May 25th.   She is a naturally engaging story teller and we will be hearing about the beautiful country of Uganda and her own personal story of overcoming loss after the war in Uganda.

She was also the Deputy Head of Mission, Uganda Embassy, Rome, January, 2006 – May 2011.

Margaret held senior Public Relations and Human Resources positons with Uganda Development Bank and various companies in Private Sector in Uganda from September 1986 to December 2005.

She lived in exile in Kenya from June 1976 to September 1986 where she engaged in small scale trade, small scale food production for schools, part-time editing for publishing houses, part-time teaching in Secondary Schools and freelance consultancy services for various companies.

In December, 1971 went in exile in Tanzania where from December 1972 to June 1976 she worked as Administration Officer with General Tyre E.A Ltd, Arusha, after working for E.A. Community from January 1972 to November 1972 as Assistant Secretary in the Technical Assistance Coordination Section.

n April 1971 to December 1971 worked as Research Assistant at the Institute of Public Administration, Kampala after graduating from Makerere University with a B.A (honours) Degree in Literature in January 1971.

She served as a board member for:

  •    Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation
  •    Nsimbe Holdings (U) Ltd
  •    Uganda Travel Bureau 2004 Ltd
  •    Child Restoration Outreach – an NGO for street children rehabilitation
  •    ACFODE (Action for Development) – A women development organization

In 1989 she was elected and she served as a Local Council Women Representative for one year. She is an elder at her Uganda home church – Faith Family Church.

More featured speakers:

Ms. Rima Aristocrat, CEO and President of Willis College


Mengistab Tsegaye, Executive Director at World Skills Employment Centre



See you later.





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Thanks to Cast Away Tour, Saint Lucia, A Proud Supporter of Mags Magazine

From across the miles, we want to say a special thank you to Paul and Sherin Clifford, owners of CAST AWAY TOUR in Saint Lucia! They provide a range of authentic experiences for the traveller who want to experience the rich cultural and heritage aspects of Saint Lucia. We want to thank them for their contribution towards my former student, who is blind, to get her massage table to work independently as a massage therapist! Together, we will make that dream come true on May 25th when we gather in the celebration of the launch of Soulful Encounters, Mags Magazine.

Cast Away Tour 2

Plan on spending the entire day in this remote tropical sanctuary… you still won’t have enough time to do everything …
Snorkel/swim over the wild UN Heritage Site Marine Reserve reefs, help local fishermen pull in their nets, visit local artisans at Lio’s Pottery Studio or the Khuss-Khuss grass-crafter (+USD 10/per person),  mix up medicinal plant shampoos & herbal body scrubs on the Bush Doctor’s Walkabout to the Rainforest Mineral Springs, tour the tropical organic Zion Lion Farm and harvest a wide variety of organic fruits & vegetables for your lunch, tour the 18th century Ruins (sugar/rum/irrigation)learn how-to make gourmet charcoals, see how cassava is processed into gluten-free “farine”, relax in a hammock or on a hand-woven grass lounger under our grass-roof shelter, participate in a Carib Cuisine demonstration in our open-air “kitchen” and then enjoy St. Lucia’s only organic Farm-To-Table Carib Beach BBQ Feast & sooo much more… 

Paul clifford 1
Paul clifford 2
ALSO… Reflexology Hike.
Barefoot, on the naturally mystic Gros Piton


Hike up Gros Piton…


The Pitons World Heritage Coast Cruise:  Come for a ride on The Pitons World Heritage Coast Cruise….to the wild side of The Pitons!


Make Saint Lucia one of your top travelling destinations!  We can help  you get there and have an amazing experience!

We are looking forward to seeing you on May 25th!

Meet our keynote speaker Laura Traplin!

Get your Tickets

Get your copy of Mags Magazine




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Could this be my next new career? Thumbs up to all the great men and women in the Canadian Armed Forces

20160225_064124Every year, I set a theme for the new year. One fine day in November 2015, I decided that the theme for 2016 would be travelling.  Thirty minutes later, I received an email from a friend to invite me to a Diversity Recruitment Event, with the Canadian Armed Forces, in Gauge Town, New Brunswick.  The invitation also said that ALL your expenses would be covered! It did not take me much time to make the decision to go.

Coincidence?  If you have been following me long enough, you know that  I love it when synchronicity happens and dreams manifest right before my eyes.  I call them my miracles and for me, this was certainly a sign from the universe to say – GO GIRL!

The Diversity Recruitment Event happened from February 24th-26th, and a group of us from across Ottawa, Montreal and British Colombia had the opportunity to learn more about the Canadian Armed Forces.  It was educational, informative, life changing and inspirational. Prior to this, I never thought much about the Canadian Armed Forces – as a matter of fact, I thought that that the Canadian Armed Forces was just the military  and their work was about wars and using guns. I thought that  people joined the Canadian Armed Forces when they were desperate and had perhaps run out of choices.  I was so WRONG.

We met with some of the most amazing people who serve in the military from a wide range of professional backgrounds. Every single uniformed person was respectful, well-spoken, excited to work for the CAF and spoke very highly of the integrity of their jobs nad the CAF.  Members of the group kept on expressing amazement about the career opportunities which exist within the armed forces and best yet, the fact that education can be subsidized and that there is career progression through professional development. We met men and women who joined right out of high school, mid-career professionals who made a career change in their late thirties and people who joined in their forties.  Very importantly we met newcomers who chose to have a career with the Canadian Armed Forces.

Here are some of my inspirational moments:

Meeting with great community leaders, guidance counsellors and people in influential positions to help others make informed career decisions.




Meeting with CORPORAL NADINE WAITR.  She is the only female combat engineer in Canada and only female heavy equipment operator.  She joined the CAF at 33 and spoke highly of the interesting work which she has done as an engineer and also of her experience in assisting with the earthquake in Nepal.  The machinery below was what she used to clear the roads in Nepal after the earthquake!


We tried some elements of the physical training test and realized that it was not as hard as it sounds.  If you are a woman and you are wondering about it… worry no more.  You can do it.


THE CAF held a formal dinner for us where we heard some very inspirational stories from CAF members.  All of them reinforced that joining CAF was a decision which they have not regretted because they love the job, they feel financially stabled and the many other benefits which CAF offers, including paid education!

 Captian Verge Charlery was one of the main organizers for the event. She was a former teacher in Ottawa. She joined the armed forces a few years ago and she is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Social Work.  I was doubly proud to know that we are from the same island – St. Lucia.

Here are some more photos to enjoy.

20160225_182251 Captain Ann Chamberlain and I.

We had an interesting discussion with two of the corporals who are trained to get inside of this robot.  The robot is used to detect explosives and it is made of a very special technology  which will protect the person who is inside of it, if there is an explosion.


 One of my most surprising moments – discovering that there are collapsible bathrooms with showers, sinks and toilets!  It takes 2 hours to mount it all up on location!  The young woman who gave us the tour is a plumber and she is so proud of her work.  There are great opportunties in the trades area for both men and women.



I had some great conversations with the young men who work with the LAVS and in the infantry.  This face to face interaction with them created a huge shift in my perception of infantry soldiers.  I experienced humour, intelligence and a great spirit of calmness around them.  They take their responsibilities quite seriously.

We experienced the training room where new recruits are taught how to use the various guns and rifles.  The training is set up  like a video game. The aim is to shoot at targets on the screen.  The process has been specifically designed for this type of training.  I am very anti-gun yet I found myself quite immersed in the experience of trying to hit a target. 20160225_144039

If you are a looking for a career change or starting a new career, consider CAF.

With love,


You can support my work of bringing positive messages to the world, creating more awareness of opportunities and encouraging us to live our dreams.  Every positive thought and action counts towards reclaiming our Earth and our World into the beautiful place it was meant to be.

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“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” Plato

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” Plato



I enjoy listening to children’s perspectives on life. Adults make lots of rules for kids but kids also have opinions on some of those rules – most times, they can’t express those opinions!  I have raised three kids and taught elementary school kids and to be honest, for the most part, I simply applied the rules to keep order.  Who wouldn’t when you are trying to manage your life, their lives and get things under control, including getting them to learn skills to be a successful adult?  However, as an older adult now, I find myself intrigued by children’s views and perspectives (because I don’t have to manage them anymore!) but also, I have had many questioning moments about, “who is a successful adult, anyway?”

On Easter Sunday, I had an interesting conversation with my son’s friend who is eight years old.  He is very bright little boy who has always questioned the things around him. Here is the conversation:

Me:  So B, how is school?

B: I don’t like school.  It is boring.

Me: What would make school more interesting for you?

B:  I wish it were like Daycare.

Me:  What about Daycare that is interesting?

B:  We play at Daycare.

Me: Don’t you play at your school?

B:  The problem is that the school gives 15 minutes of break.  15 minutes is not enough time to play.  For example, my friends and I want to play tag during break.  But it takes 5 minutes to set up the game, 20 minutes to play it properly and then we need to eat, then use the washroom before we can get back in the class.  We need at least 30 minutes.  Every day I get frustrated that we cannot finish the game. We don’t have enough time to play. If I had more time to play, school would be more interesting.

He was very clear and logical about his explanation. When I asked about how he could take this matter to the attention of his school principal, he responded and said: “That would require a ‘riot’.  A riot is when a mass of people get together to defend the same view point!”  However, he was not quite willing to lead the ‘riot’ as it would draw too much attention to him and would require too much ‘work’ to get the other kids on board.

At eight years old, I don’t think that I was that knowledgeable nor did I apply that high level of reasoning!

For all the years that I have taught, I have never considered a longer break-play time for elementary school kids.   I am not sure who instituted it to be about 15 – 20 minutes but after listening to B’s reasoning, I could not help but wonder whether children do need a longer break to play.  I think that when kids get into elementary school, we largely undermine the use of play as we focus on learning outcomes.  There are many, many advantages to play including building leadership skills, team work, negotiating, problem-solving etc.

When I think about it more seriously, even as an adult, I have discovered more useful things about my co-workers through play and just hanging around with casual conversations.

What is your take on this?  Should kids be allowed more play time?  Could it be used to build healthier relationships that could lead to more balanced adults?  Should adults be allowed more playtime?

Have an awesome Tuesday!




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She started with one student – today, she has taught over 500 students to dance!


A few weeks ago, I met Sanchita Chakraborty, founder and artistic director of Bollywood Jig, at the Diversity Recruitment Event which I attended with the Canadian Armed Forces in New Brunswick. In between the sessions with the Armed Forces, we chatted about our passions and journeys to Canada and I was inspired by what she has been able to achieve as a newcomer, who arrived here only a few years ago.  She used her passion for dance to  add cultural diversity and integration to the shores of St. John’s.

Isn’t this great?

“We were founded in 2004 and we’ve been making audiences cheer, clap and tap their toes ever since. Our choreography is as diverse as our dancers. We range in age from 10 to 35, hail from South Asia to Salmonier, and have training in everything from traditional Chinese dance to salsa to hip hop. Like ballet and bungara, it’s dance that unites us. And the costumes. Can’t argue with the threads.” Bollywood Jig

 Her words, which inspired me the most were: “When I started, two students registered. Only one showed up but I decided to work with this one student, and together we created a masterpiece choreography.”
Today, she has taught over  500 students and lives her passion of dancing and teaching others to dance.  She works with various groups of individuals – from kids to youth and women who have retire from the workforce and who finally have the chance to live their passion of dancing.
What inspires her? “The tremendous amount of talent which the youth bring to the dance classes.”
“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step.” Tao Te Ching,
Whatever your dreams are, take a risk on them. Do not be discouraged. When passion and soul comes together, life cannot help but nod in approval.
What inspires you?
Get your copy of Mags Magazine – Soulful Encounters.  There are lots of inspirational stories to show that passion fuels dreams… and dreams do come true!
Do you enjoy travelling?
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Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself.

Last week I posted on my new program, ‘Coaching through Transitions’, which I implement mainly on the evenings or weekends. It has been such a pleasure working with two young women who are already making progress after a couple of weeks. Last night, when I walked in, the Director of the organization said: “I don’t know what you are doing with these two ladies but everyone on the staff wants to be part of the training. Tell me what I need to do to get training for everyone!”

This made me feel so happy – to know that I am making a difference in the lives of other women and helping them to develop new skills, gain new knowledge and insights, and to have the confidence to say: “Now I know what to do when I am facing this type of situation!” At the class, they bubbly shared how they are already putting their new tools and knowledge into practice.  The excitement in their voices is enough reward.

How do you get from one point to the next? How do you get a job promotion? How do you position yourself strategically for an opportunity? How do you maintain a positive attitude when things are falling apart?  How do you build confidence?  How do you develop a powerful network of people who can support you?  How do you work with others to create a happy environment?  How do you handle social media?


It is amazing what a few hours with some blank paper, an open mind and a guided discussion can do for your soul.

Some of us are lucky and have been blessed with almost perfect lives and great opportunities.  However, the majority of people who I meet are struggling with one issue or another. Over the last two decades, my work with adults have proved several small but important things:

  • Sometimes, we simply do not know what to do to take the next step.
  • Sometimes, we don’t know what we don’t know.
  • Sometimes, we don’t realize that our attitude about life is keeping us back.
  • Sometimes, we don’t realize that we are simply in the wrong job.
  • Sometimes, we don’t realize that we are holding on to some pain which has drowned our joy and happiness for life.
  • Sometimes, we are afraid of our success.
  • Sometimes, we are afraid to fail and would prefer to remain motionless.
  • Sometimes, we don’t know how to ask for what we want.
  • Sometimes, we don’t realize that we need to breakthrough some very small habits in order to create major breakthroughs.
  • Sometime, we don’t know someone who can help us.
  • Sometimes, we believe that there is nothing more or nothing better than where we are stuck.

What if I told you that all of the barriers above can be turned into opportunities?


  • Sometimes, we have to work at developing skills, knowledge and even learn new attitudes to help us break through our transitions.
  •  Sometimes, we have to learn courage by taking small risks to step out of our comfort zone.
  • Sometimes, we need to feel inspired by a vision which is more powerful than our fears.
  • Sometimes, we need someone to work with us and help us to navigate through the processes which we are afraid to tackle on our own.

If you feel that you are struggling more than you should in living a fulfilled life ,or feeling less satisfied with your job or not getting through the goals which you set for yourself, you could be in need of someone to coach you. Sometimes, breaking through may require a change in perspective, some new tools to give help you get organized, some new content to help you have a greater understanding of the subject matter. That is what coaching is all about.

Today, life is moving faster than ever. This calls for major shifts in managing both our work and personal life as well as managing our thought patterns.

I am grateful for the amazing people in my life. I am grateful for the opportunities of living my passion and knowing THAT feeling of living purposefully and of sharing my gifts with others.

I am still work in progress… such a lot of learning to do and the world is such a beautiful training school.